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Enfocus Instant PDF 08 makes producing press-ready PDFs easy for creative profes-sionals. Using award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF technology, it's the simplest and most reliable way to create PDFs that comply with your print or advertisement vendors' specifications.

While working in your favorite creative application - Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustra-tor, QuarkXPress, Adobe Acrobat - simply select "Save as Certified PDF..." from the File menu and let Instant PDF 08 take care of creating your PDF, preflighting it, modifying it where necessary, and even sending it to your print provider - all without leaving your application! As a creative professional, you can now remain productive in your familiar environment without having to worry about print styles, PDF export or other complicated PDF creation settings. And if you do run into problems, Instant PDF 08's comprehensive in-application help not only gives you the answers you need quickly, but also contains tips on how to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

So who takes care of the technical stuff? Instant PDF 08 is unique in that it allows pre-press experts to define PDF Queues that contain all the PDF creation settings required for outputting quality PDFs. PDF Queues can be distributed as files or published on from where designers can automatically import them into Instant PDF 08. The built-in synchronisation feature with guarantees imported PDF Queues remain up-to-date, ensuring ongoing consistency with your printer, publisher or industry association specification, including PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and Ghent PDF Workgroup. All of which means that once a PDF Queue is imported, document creators are ready to produce press-ready PDFs without agonising over the technical aspects of PDF file creation.

For print providers, Instant PDF 08 significantly reduces the load on customer service and pre-press operators because Certified PDF files are always output correctly right at the designer's workstation. With award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF technology, the files are flagged as ready for output from the moment they arrive in your inbox.

Instant PDF Solutions:

Instant PDF 08 is available as a stand-alone application for document creators, while volume licensing is available for workgroups consisting of five or more users. Instant PDF 08 is also available in multi-packs for distribution; enabling document receivers to equip their customers with the application in order to consistently receive production-ready PDF files.

Printers or publishers can easily create a Certified PDF workflow through the Enfocus PDF Workflow Suite. This product suite contains Instant PDF 08 to set up Enfocus PDF Queues; a license to use to publish PDF Queues; PitStop Server to automatically check and correct incoming PDFs; and PitStop Pro to create PDF Profiles and Action Lists, and to manually inspect, edit and correct PDF files.

Highlights for Document Creators...

Relieves Stress and Headaches
Ever sent a job to your printer, then spent two days fretting over (a) what you're going to get back and (b) whose head is going to roll if it isn't exactly what your art director or cli-ent expected? They're common concerns among creative professionals, and thankfully with Instant PDF 08 you can eliminate them completely. Here's how:
• Instant PDF 08 controls the entire PDF creation process so you don't need to worry about the technical aspects of PDF file output. It's as simple as "Save as Certified PDF..."
• As PDFs are created they are preflighted. Instant PDF 08 can automatically correct most common errors on-the-fly and provide you with immediate visual feedback on your PDF's preflight status.
• You can have your print vendor build a custom PDF Queue for Instant PDF 08 that creates and preflights your PDFs for you according to their specification. Then, when you send the file for output, you can be sure it matches exactly what your printer re-quires for high-quality results.
• And if you don't have a printer-supplied PDF Queue, don't worry! Just choose the PDF Queue that best suits your needs from Instant PDF's default database. It will control all the settings that impact PDF quality including print styles, PDF export and Adobe PDF settings.
• If you're asked for a standards-compliant PDF, it couldn't be simpler. PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and Ghent PDF Workgroup PDF Queues are built into Instant PDF 08, meaning you can produce standards-compliant PDFs when asked without even knowing what they are!
• Instant PDF 08 can automatically log-on to and download and up-date PDF Queues from your print vendor or industry associations.
• Instant PDF 08 not only self-installs but also self-heals. For example, if your virtual printers or PDF plug-ins get accidentally deleted, Instant PDF 08 will restore them next time it's launched. This means less manual configuration, set-up and mainte-nance for you.
• And if you're feeling adventurous, the Standard PDF Queue Editor allows intuitive customisation of your own PDF Queues.

No other application comes close to making production of press-ready PDFs so easy. You no longer need an apprenticeship in pre-press and printing to feel sure your files will output correctly. In fact, if you're using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress™ or Adobe Acrobat, it's as simple as choosing "Save as Certified PDF..." under your File menu and selecting the PDF Queue required by your print ven-dor. Instant PDF 08 will even deliver your press-ready PDFs directly to your printer's e-mail inbox, FTP server or even Enfocus PowerSwitch automated workflow without you having to do a thing! With PDF production made so easy, you'll have lots more time to work with the features in your pro applications that you actually enjoy using!

Comprehensive, Easy-to-understand Help
Sometimes your layouts are going to cause problems when they go to press, no matter how good they look on screen. Instant PDF 08 catches these potential problems and its in-application help not only clearly explains the errors, but also offers solutions to fix them. In fact, the help is so comprehensive; it even contains tips on how to avoid the er-rors in the future.

Instant PDF = Instant ROI
The price of a license for Instant PDF 08 often costs less than a single botched print job, saving you money and keeping your clients and printers happy into the bargain.

Highlights for Document Receivers...

Control Designers' Output Conditions
Ever wish you could convince your clients to produce PDFs exactly the way you want them to? When it comes to getting files ready for print, you may know best, but not eve-ryone is listening! Instant PDF 08 overcomes this problem through PDF Queue technol-ogy. Here's how:
• Create PDF Queues and send them to your clients who simply import them into their version of Instant PDF 08. That's it! They're now ready to produce press-ready preflighted PDFs according to your criteria. And if you post your Specifications on, they can subscribe for free to your PDF Queues and have them update automatically on their machines.
• PDF Queues contain all the settings required for consistent PDF creation & delivery such as QuarkXPress™ and Adobe InDesign Print Styles and PDF Export set-tings, Adobe PDF Settings, Enfocus PDF Profile and Action Lists, file naming con-figurations and automated delivery settings (e-mail or FTP).
• Instant PDF 08 fixes typical errors in PDFs before they're sent to you, even in PDFs created from Microsoft Office applications!

Stick to Standards, Get Certified
There's no need to start from scratch when you create your PDF Queues. Instant PDF 08 ships with many predefined PDF Queues, including the industry-standards PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and Ghent PDF Workgroup. Couple this with award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF technology and you'll soon be receiving files you know you can trust.

Reduce Your Workload... Safely
When your clients use Instant PDF 08 to produce their files, you can easily guarantee compliancy with your PDF-quality specification and significantly reduce the time spent testing incoming files for possible problems. All Enfocus Certified PDFs will have an em-bedded PDF Profile and will have been tested against that PDF Profile. If that PDF Pro-file is the one you supplied to your client, then knowing whether the file is press-ready or not is as simple as looking for the Enfocus green check mark in Acrobat's toolbar!
And you can even have your clients deliver files directly to your FTP server with Instant PDF 08's built-in FTP transfer client, saving you time sorting through e-mails or CD/DVDs. Couple this with the power of Enfocus PitStop Server or Enfocus PitStop Automate to pick up and process those PDFs and you may be pleasantly surprised how much free time you have on your hands.

Clarify Liability
Botched print jobs cost money, period. But with Enfocus Certified PDF technology built into the core of Instant PDF 08, you'll know immediately how your client's PDFs were produced and, most importantly, whether they were tested against the PDF Profile you provided.
Instant PDF 08's integrated locking system and PDF Profile-authenticity checks assure the integrity of the PDF Queue used to produce the file. This makes your settings com-pletely tamper-proof and guarantees all the Certified PDFs you receive are ready for press on your terms.

New Features:

Create PDFs according to the newest standards and specifications
Instant PDF 08 has full support for the most recent ISO PDF/X-4 standards. It also makes creating Certified PDF files compliant with the GWG v4 specifications one easy step.

Use the latest preflight checks and fixes introduced in PitStop Pro 08
Instant PDF 08 introduces several important new preflight checks, for example to detect corrupt fonts that would print incorrectly. New preflight fixes make it possible to correct even more problems while creating the PDF, including the possibility to automatically de-tect printer marks and set the page boxes in the generated PDF file accordingly.

Confidently convert colours using additional colour engines
Instant PDF 08 offers you the choice between several industry-standard colour engines so you can use the same conversion engine throughout your workflow. You can choose to use the Adobe colour Management Module (CMM) or the embedded, open-source Lit-tle CMS. Both colour engines ensure colour consistent conversions across both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Of course, the default CMS on your operating system remains available as well.

Take advantage of the latest design software
Instant PDF fully supports Adobe Acrobat 9 and plugs seamlessly into QuarkXPress 8 as well; create perfect PDF documents from the most recent versions of your favorite applications.

Deliver final PDFs directly to Enfocus PowerSwitch
If your printer or publisher is using Enfocus PowerSwitch to automate prepress tasks, Instant PDF can now deliver final PDF files directly to a Submit Point in PowerSwitch. Simply enter the name of the server, username and password you received from your printer or publisher into your PDF Queue in Instant PDF and one-stop delivery straight to a production flow is a fact.

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