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The Enfocus PDF Workflow Suite is the ultimate solution to achieve total inter-company PDF quality management. It eliminates any ambiguity from PDF workflows by offering the tools you need to setup and communicate about your PDF quality specifications as well as check and correct incoming PDF files. Using the PDF Workflow Suite, printers and publishers can deploy a Certified PDF workflow, increasing productivity and the quality of print production.

The suite consists of Enfocus Instant PDF, an Enfocus license, Enfocus PitStop Server and Enfocus PitStop Pro.

Define your PDF specifications

Use Instant PDF to create Enfocus PDF Queues containing all settings required for quality PDF creation. From QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign print styles and PDF export settings to the final delivery requirement, the PDF Queue packages the technical complexity of PDF creation into a single file.

Communicate with customers allows you to publish PDF Queues and communicate to your customers about your PDF quality specifications. Using Instant PDF, your customers will install the published PDF Queue and create perfect Certified PDFs that comply with your quality standard.

Automated preflight and auto-correction

PitStop Server offers automation that checks and corrects incoming PDF files. Certified PDFs created with Instant PDF are immediately identified and move faster through production. Non-Certified PDF files are preflighted and automatically corrected if needed, moving through the production workflow with little or no direct interaction.

Interactive editing

PitStop Pro enables you create the PDF Profile and Action Lists to be used in the Enfocus PDF Queue for preflight and auto-correction. The interactive editing and correction capabilities in the award-winning PitStop Pro have proven to be real job and money savers.

Key Features:


Provides all-in-one solution to set up inter-company Certified PDF workflows

Enfocus Instant PDF

Comprehensive Enfocus PDF Queue provides complete control over the PDF creation process using Instant PDF

• Contains all settings for consistent PDF creation and delivery including QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign PrintStyles and PDF Export settings, Adobe PDF Settings, the Enfocus PDF Profile and Action List, file naming configuration and automated delivery settings

Receive flawless PDFs through integrated award-winning Certified PDF technology

• Guarantees compliancy with your PDF quality specification and significantly reduces the time spent on incoming files
• Automatic corrections fix most common errors in PDFs, even those created from Office applications

Comprehensive in-application support

• Provides information on preflight errors and warnings as well as solutions


Flawless communication about and distribution of PDF quality specifications using

• Enfocus PDF Queues can published on for easy delivery to customers
• Synchronisation with Instant PDF for easy communication of changes to specifications and consistent use of settings

Enfocus PitStop Server

Automate the PDF reception process using PitStop Server

• Preflights and automatically corrects incoming PDF
• Certified PDF files that are created with Instant PDF are quickly processed with PitStop Server, allowing document receivers setup a fully automated and reliable end-to-end PDF exchange system.

Enfocus PitStop Pro

Intuitive PDF preflight and correction configuration using PitStop Pro

• PDF Profile provides most comprehensive list of checks and fixes
• Action Lists enable advanced automated PDF correction

Unparalleled interactive inspection and editing

• Edit virtually any object in the PDF
• Save those jobs that previously needed to go back to the customer, meet deadlines and save money

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