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PitStop Connect is a smart bridge between creative professionals and printers/publishers that automatically preflights and delivers files to production.

With PitStop Connect, you insure that any PDF you receive will print according to your specifications.

There’s no need to worry about communicating settings or specifications, because PitStop Connect is built to eliminate communication obstacles between creative professionals and printers/publishers. As a result, PDF files are guaranteed to print properly.

Bridging The Gap Between Two Worlds
PitStop Connect allows printers and publishers to ‘connect’ with their customers, supplying specifications and streamlining communication in an extremely straightforward way. It allows you to receive large numbers of PDF files, with full confidence in their quality.

By incorporating Enfocus' bulletproof PDF preflighting and correction technologies within PitStop Connect, file problems such as missing fonts, low-resolution images, etc., are automatically eliminated.

Key benefits:
• Receive print-ready PDFs according to your specifications
• Easy set-up and implementation
• No click charges or other hidden costs
• No set-up and no costs for creatives
• Easy integration with Enfocus Switch


Easy Set-Up and Implementation
A simple interface allows printers/publishers to create Connectors. The Connector contains settings like Preflight Profile, Actions Lists and delivery specifications.

Perfect PDFs, Tailored to Your Needs
As Printer or Publisher, you can define PitStop Connect’s preflight and correction process to use a standard GWG profile, or your specification using an Enfocus Preflight Profile and/or Action List.

No Set-Up & No Cost for Creative Partners
Your design partners only need to drop the Connector on their desktop and they can literally start to “drop” their files on the Connector. There is no installation or set-up needed. The Connector you created does the rest: checking, fixing, making the file comply with your specs, and then sending it to your FTP or to Switch.

Cementing Your Relationship
By streamlining communication with your design partners and customers with this branded tool, you are more deeply cementing your relationship. The PitStop Connect icon becomes your company’s brand and face to your design partners, and they will therefore associate it – and you – with great service, quality control, and streamlined communication.

Linking Enfocus Automation Tools
PitStop Connect allows you to simplify the work between production and designer side in an innovative and affordable way. It is also an additional link in the overall graphic arts supply chain to other Enfocus automation products, connecting seamlessly to Switch and PitStop Server. Once received, files can be quickly and easily sorted, managed and processed with Switch at a level of end-to-end automation – from creation through production – that has been difficult to achieve in the past.

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