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RealVue3D software is an innovative and powerful communication tool for Designers, Printers and Publishers. RealVue3D transforms a brochure, catalogue, magazine, leaflet or any other commercial print PDF into a stunning and collaborative 3D simulation. It can generate an interactive digital proof that simulates all aspects of a printed publication during the intermediate stages of evolution and client approval process.

NEW to V4 is annotation and approval tools, providing a real alternative to hard copy proofs or 2D PDF files, streamlining the communication process between creator and client. Digital comments are simply added at any point within the 3D simulation, each one having a unique ID with a local date and time stamp. Comments can be globally or individually approved or rejected with a clear visual guide to indicate concensus.

The whole process of producing a hard copy print mock up can be time intensive and the output difficult to visualise. RealVue3D will speed things up and provide instant gratification, allowing clients to request any changes or approve the job faster and with greater certainty.

RealVue3D lets:

Designers - experiment with a multitude of creative concepts, effects, folds and print finishes.

Printers - can use RealVue3D to showcase and up-sell advanced finishing, cut-outs and folds!

Publishers - can effectively demonstrate page positions, front covers and advertising spreads.

At the touch of a few buttons RealVue3D can:

Save time and costs by:
• turning your 2D design concepts into a virtual 3D reality in minutes
• eliminating the need for paper mock-ups
• streamlining the approval and communication process
• removing intermediate proofing stages
• enjoying fast concept selection by clients

Help win more business by:
• adding 3D simulations to your sales pitch and giving your creative concepts the wow factor!
• allowing prospects to interact with your design concepts
• sharing your RealVue3D simulations via e-mail or on-line

Add more value to designs and reduce environmental impact by:
• simulating print finishing effects not achievable without going to press such as embossing, metallic foils and cut outs
• reducing paper, ink and transportation usage

The Features:

• Automatically convert 2D PDF to interactive 3D simulations
• E-mail RealVue3D simulations to your clients
• Automatic HTML creation for easy upload and interaction on any web page
• NEW to V4! Annotation and mark-up tools enable you to collaborate with your clients and colleagues on the design and approval of your creations
• Showcase multiple concepts in the unique RealVue3D carousel
• Add your own logos and branding to personalise your RealVue3D simulations
• Control paper thickness and finish (gloss/matt) page by page
• Design and simulate complex folds - bi-folds, tri-folds, gate folds etc.
• Spot varnish simulation page by page
• Automatically manage printers" and readers" spreads
• Split Editor feature to create variable page sizes
• Incredible Special Effects to simulate complex print finishes
• Embossing and deboss
• Metallic foils - Gold, Silver, Bronze and custom colours
• Iridescent inks
• Cut-outs and cut-ins
• Paper texture and colour
• Mask Editor - Import & export masks from or to other image editing applications

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