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Fusion RIP

The Fusion RIP for Mac OS X and Linux delivers outstanding performance, reliability, flexibility -- not to mention excellent colour reproduction quality -- through a comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI). Based on Global Graphics' Harlequin RIP, it offers an expansive feature set that includes enhanced font support and the ability to handle a wide range of file formats.

Modular by design, the Fusion RIP features an impressive line-up of advanced layered options (plugins) all designed to to enhance the quality and performance of your prepress system. In addition to the Fusion DigiPage ROOM workflow plugin and the Fusion FTIFF Workflow accelerator, options include those for Precision Screening, Dispersed (Stochastic) Screening, Micro Screening, Automated In-RIP Trapping, CIP3, TIFF/IT-P1, Colour Management, and a broad range of proofer drivers and imagesetter/CtP hardware interfaces.

The Fusion RIP is fully compatible with PDF, the PostScript Language Level 3 specification and the JDF 1.2 specification.

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