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Publication Proofing System

The Publication Proofing System (PPS) is a web-based application that provides PDF proofing of a publication as it is produced, in a production workflow. It is ideal for newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and any other publication that has regular sections. It can be configured to reside within a network, or it can be exposed to the public, or to an Extranet.

PPS is updated in realtime as a "side-effect" of the actual production. PDFs are based on the 1-bit TIFF RIPped data that is ultimatedly sent for imaging to film or plate. The application allows for easily emailing proofs to customers and CSRs, as well as deleting proofs. It can be configured for 3 levels of users (admin, trusted, and untrusted). Automatic archival and deletion are also available through the configuration panel. PPS is a reference implementation of our Workflow ESP features -- in particular post-process scripting, template-based naming -- in the DigiPage and FTIFF plugins.

Currently available for Mac OS X (Feb 2007), a Linux-based version is scheduled for release by Q2 2007.

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