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Hamillroad Software is a dynamic company that work to provide the printing industry with innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Hamillroad was born out of the pioneering work done by Robert Miller, into developing the productivity and performance enhancements Harlequin RIP users have been deprived of for many years. These efforts resulted in a technology idea base ripe for further development.,

Hamillroad Ltd was incorporated in the UK as a vehicle to further develop and bring this technology to market. This company is led by Andy Cave (CEO), the Original Creator and (ex) Chief Designer of the Harlequin RIP and former founder member of Harlequin Ltd (now Global Graphics Software Ltd).

Designed and developed by one of the Harlequin RIP's original lead developers, FirstPROOF is Hamillroad's popular post-RIP soft proofing system that allows users of the Harlequin or TIFF based RIPs to view and approve output prior to imaging.

Lightning TIFF is a high performance TIFF output plug-in for the Harlequin RIP that is designed to replace the standard TIFF plug-in. As well as providing a significant number of additional features, its main benefit is its lightning fast performance; users should see anything from a 2 - 4x overall improvement in performance.
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