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Color Recipes

PerfX Color Recipes is the perfect tool to produce optimised "colour recipes books" which include visual colour comparisons, numerical colour recipes and colour tolerance values for each solid colour you submit to it.

To do so, PerfX Color Recipes uses ICC profiles to calculate the optimal RGB or CMYK colour match from CIE Lab values (text file) or from any "Named Colour Profile" (NCP) based on the ICC standard. You can create your CIE Lab colour database in a text file using measurements made with your spectrophotometer or use NCP profiles created with PerfX Color Recipes or any compatible ICC profile creation software.

The "colour recipes book" is saved as a PDF file for soft proofing or as a Postscript file, ready to send to the colour proofer.

The perfect tool to share your colour recipes with your clients!


• Input CIE Lab colour tables from:
- ICC Named Colour Profile (NCP)
-Tab-delimited text file

• Output colour values to:
- ICC Named Colour Profile (NCP)
- Acrobat PDF 1.3 document
-Composite Postscript file

• Destination colour spaces supported:
- CMYK - RGB - CMYKOG (6 color channels)

• Layout options:
- Custom page size
- Custom header for text and company logo
- Custom size for all colour swatches
- Custom text size, leading and column width

• Colour management options:
- Selection for a specific CIELab colour space profile
- DeltaE calculation methods: CIELab, CIE94 and CIE2000
- Custom DeltaE tolerance value
- All rendering intents supported for destination conversion
- Minimum Dot restriction option for CMYK and CMYKOG output color spaces

• PDF output options:
- Embed the ICC output profile in the PDF document
- Display (add) CIELab color swatches for visual colour comparison against the colour recipes

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