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Press Curves

Several international standards or methods (ISO 12647-x, SWOP, SNAP, GRACoL, etc.) define the tonal characteristics and press gain (TVI), according to various printing processes, inks and paper usage. These specifications define the required press curves in order to insure optimum and standardised printing reproduction.

PerfX Press Curves is a software package that allows you to produce data for press curves (CTP) in order to optimise and standardise the tonal colour reproduction on press. The standard (or curve specifications) can be imported, measured or typed in directly in PerfX Press Curves. Then, a colour target is printed on press and read with a measuring instrument (spectro-densitometer) in order to define the current characteristics of the press. PerfX Press Curves then calculates automatically the curve correction values that have to be applied to the plates (CTP) so that the press (or printing process) can print in accordance to the desired reference standard. A report shows the desired and calculated values, automatically generated by PerfX Press Curves.

PerfX Press Curves does not replace the need to produce ICC profiles. It allows you to produce an optimised characterisation, according to a defined standard. The ICC profiles have nonetheless to be produced for colour proofing, soft proofing and conversions.

• Allows standardising and optimising of several presses according to a reference standard.
• Allows calculating curves for different screening (conventional AM, stochastic FM, hybrid) and linescreen.
• Allows calculating press curves of different printing process, paper or ink, to reproduce consistenly, a same reference grey balance.
• Using optimised curves, allows faster press make ready.
• Colour printing jobs can be transferred from one press to another without colour consistency problems.

• Automatic calculation of press gain curves.
• Automatic calculation of reference grey balance curves.
• Reference, measurement and corrections data point can be set according to the desired number.
• Support directly the following measuring instruments: Eye-one, Pulse, 528 and 530.
• Compatible to the CGATS 15 standard for the reference and measurement definition data file.
• Graphs showing the curve’s data of the measured, corrected and press gain.
• Produces a printed report, showing the reference, measured and of correction data for each press curve.
• Saves curve’s working sessions.

Built-in instrument supported:
• DTP20 Pulse
• DTP22 DigitalSwatchbook
• EyeOne
• XRite 528 and 530 spectrodensitometer
• Any measurement dataset (CGATS format) made with ColorPort or MeasureTool

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