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PerfX Studio for agencies and photo studio, creates quality input and output ICC profiles.

Create input ICC profiles for your colour scanner or digital camera with the custom reflective target that has been design to produce higher quality ICC profiles with more colour references and higher colour gamut than standard scanner targets available on the market.

Create output ICC profiles for your digital CMYK proofer or printing process with supplied presets for ink coverage and black generation, specific to digital and conventional printing technologies. Non postscript printers can also be profiled as an RGB (CMYK) device.

Simple interface includes text guidelines for each steps. Presets and profiling sessions can be saved and be used later. The profiling colour targets are optimised for better colour sampling and made for specific measuring instruments.

Built-in instrument support:
• DTP41, DTP41T, DTP45
• DTP20 Pulse
• DTP22 DigitalSwatchbook
• EyeOne and Eye1 iSis
• Barbieri SpectroSwing
• Scanner
• measurement dataset (CGATS format, limited to 800 references) made with ColorPort or MeasureTool

PerfX Studio includes:
• PerfX Color management Studio software
PerfX RX Target Wide Gamut
• PerfX Gamut viewer 3D utility
• USB dongle protection key
• User guide

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