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Training is carried out by a fully qualified operator, with a background knowledge of the Printing Industry and a minimum six years experience with digital imposition. The trainer will also have a working knowledge of most applications that affect the pre-press environment. To achieve maximum benefit, training is carried out on site. Trainees should be taken out of the working environment as much as possible and therefore the machine used for the training should be available for the day. We encourage as much ‘hands-on’ learning from the trainees as possible, as it is felt this is the most effective way of learning the software. There is a basic path of training taken, outlined depending on which imposition product is being trained. At the end of the training the trainees should be fully conversant with the steps needed to create imposed jobs. They will also have a set of styles that they will have created during the training period that can be used for live jobs.

One day of training is usually sufficient to learn how to use the base features of DynaStrip, inpO2 or INposition. However we recommend a minimum 2 days training for DynaStrip Automation and DynaStrip Fusion or users who wish to use advanced features of the standard DynaStrip or inpO2, such as ganging, mixed pagination sequences, layering, etc or if more than two users require training.

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