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ColorRay -- your key to productivity -- is a high-speed, totally integrated raster image processor (RIP) for large format printers, plotters and printers.

A single ColorRay can drive multiple wide-format printers simultaneously, eliminating the need to maintain a separate RIP for each device. Now you can simplify colour management and systems administration requirements while significantly improving productivity and quality.

ColorRay is a turnkey solution for the entire Epson Stylus Pro Series and HP Designjet Series as well as the EnCad NovaJet 700 and 850 Series of proofers.

ColorRay's built-in ICC profile processing ensures quality colour reproduction control for any media or ink sets on the market. ColorRay accepts all industry standard file formats including PostScript, PDF, EPS, TIFF, DCS, and many others, with an option for TIFF-IT/P1.

The ColorRay Advantage

Are you tired of inconsistent results each time you print a file to a different ink jet printer on your network? ColorRay produces consistent superior quality colour through advanced automated colour management workflows!

Do you have a need for faster throughput? ColorRay is remarkably fast! And a single ColorRay can automatically "feed" up to six proofers or printers simultaneously!

Are you looking to reduce your consumable waste and achieve higher profits? ColorRay's media saver feature automatically positions and rotates print jobs for superior control of consumables!

ColorRay Features

• Simultaneously drive up to six large format devices with ease and accuracy.
• All industry-standard input file formats supported (PDF, PostScript, DCS 2.0, EPS).
• Complete colour management services with automated, built-in ICC profiling.
• Centralized systems administration and colour management for multiple large format printers.
• Built-in support for Epson Stylus Pro and HP Designjet large format output devices.
• Automatic "scatter proofing" media saver.
• File preview (soft proof) and print spooling.
• Centralized font storage and downloading.
• Mix and match multiple output devices, regardless of brand, make or model.
• Easy upgrade path to Fusion Systems' DigiPageTM high-resolution bundle.
• Seamlessly "plugs" into any workflow system.

Release Notes

See the release notes section for the Fusion RIP. ColorRay is a low resolution version of the Fusion RIP, and shares the same code base for all platforms.

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