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The Premier Workflow Tool for High Quality Automatic and Interactive Trapping

I-Trap can be configured to trap jobs automatically or interactively and can be easily set up to accommodate different kinds of jobs. Users will usually start trapping everything interactively to learn the system. Once trapping parameters are fully understood and have been configured, these settings can be saved in a Page Setup that would be later used to print automatically trapped jobs.

I-Trap can be included in a queue with any available output RIP plugin transferring data through a spool folder mechanism.

Zone Trapping

Trap zones may be created using various existing tools for generating trap zones in different desktop page layout and viewing applications such as Adobe Acrobat.

I-Trap Zone tool allows to create overlapping rectangle zones, edit them and set different trapping parameters in zones.

Miter Trapping

Miter trapping is the art of detecting various corner conditions and adjusting the trap brush to produce better corner results - that's what I-Trap does.

Image Trapping

Image trapping is one of the most important features of I-Trap. The ability to properly trap image data is one of the features that define high-end high quality trapping.

I-Trap provides an extensive set of tools for image trapping providing the needed support for just about any type of image trapping.

Spot To Image Special Case

Spot colours can be set as a special case to selectively trap image to spot colours while not trapping images to process colours.

Vignette to Image Trapping

As artwork increases in complexity and new transparency options are used I-Trap has developed a sophisticated mechanism to handle trapping of images to vignettes.
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