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Color Vision

PerfX Color Vision will share soft proofing documents (PDF) so that your clients can see what you see on you monitor. A special control function warns the client if colours cannot be displayed accurately on their monitor. A coloured mask over the soft proof shows the client’s monitor limitation in that case.

—PerfX Color Vision allows you to make a colour managed screen capture as well as open the screen capture made by another user.
—PerfX Color Vision Client allows you to open and see the colour managed screen capture.

• Compatible with any monitor ICC profile
• Captures any image displayed by software
• Saves the screen capture as a PDF file
• Automatically embeds the monitor’s ICC profile in the PDF file
• Allows the simulation of the client’s monitor preview with its monitor’s ICC profile
• Choice of “delta E” calculation method (CIELab, CIE94 and CIE2000)
• Choice of preferred deltaE tolerance value
• Option to mask "out of tolerance" (delta E) displayed colours.
• Displays the curser coordinates (x , y) over the image
• Displays the “delta E” and LCH colour values (before and after) of the colour selected by the cursor.

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