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Device Link

PerfX Device Link is the perfect tool to create ICC DeviceLink profiles. This type of ICC profile, is commonly used to reseparate CMYK colours, in order to optimise the colour reproduction based on the type of printing process, paper and ink used for printing.

PerfX Device Link also allows you to create ICC DeviceLink profiles for RGB to CMYK conversions, in order to reproduce RGB neutral grays using the black ink only.

The perfect tool for colour optimisation while saving production time on press or large format inkjet printer!


• Preserve Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black solid colours as well as any of their respective tint %.
• Preserve overprint Red, Green and Blue solid colours as well as any of their respective tint %.
• Preserve White (0%) as White 0%.
• Preserve duplex and triplex colour like Cyan to Black or Red to Black shades.
• Preserve registration colour (100% CMYK).
• Preserve undercolour solid Black.
See PerfX Device Link Pro for additional features including GCR

• Convert RGB primary colours to solid CMY, like Red = 100M + 100Y.
• Convert RGB secondary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) to solid C, M and Y.
• Convert RGB Grays to Black only while preserving shadow density (D MAX).

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