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FSI Workflow ESP

FSI Workflow ESP provides total control over prepress production. This open, modular solution has all the tools necessary to simplify the broadest range of prepress tasks.... Automated Pre-flighting and File Correction -- Workflows automatically check files for correct colour separation conversions (RGB to CMYK), process black text to 100% black, spot colours to CMYK, and correctly set job parameters such as dot shape, calibration curves and screen ruling. Missing fonts can be emulated from a 1600-font database.

Automated Post-RIP Page Pairing and Imposition -- Proofed and approved digital film pages are automatically paired or imposed into signatures. Completed flats are automatically queued for output.... Dynamic Job Routing -- Crucial to reliable automation, this innovative feature ensures that ripped pages are named and numbered correctly, and intelligently routed exactly as required for specific workflow processes -- every time.

Workflow ESP is a very rich solution. It is open, flexible, highly configurable, and yet easy to use.

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