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DynaStrip makes your work flow

DynaStrip is a high-end imposition software, tailored to tackle any imposition job. Its powerful architecture allows customers to fully control their imposition layouts. DynaStrip integrates with all major workflow systems and RIPs and can handle files from over 100 applications. With over 15 years of evolution in real production environments, DynaStrip is a standard in imposition.


Easy-to-learn interface that simulates a light-table
Handles PostScript, EPS, PDF, PJTF and JDF files
Network Licensing that can provide protection to up to 10 concurrent users on Mac and PC
Keeps template creation and management to a minimum


Productivity Features for the Imposition Professional:
DynaStrip 7.0 carries on the productivity goal of the last DynaStrip upgrades by featuring even smarter Layout Reflow.
Starting a new DynaStrip job from a template is now a breeze when coupled with the Layout Reflow.
Quick Access to Object Libraries.
DynaStrip Automation benefits live refresh of the document page preview.
More Flexibility for Prepress and Press.
Plus Much more - Call for a demo!!

No two printers are the same - and neither are their imposition jobs

The DynaStrip product suite offers solutions tailored to specific needs:

DynaStrip Compact
Full-featured imposition software with maximum output size of 810x810mm.

DynaStrip Full
Full-featured imposition software with no maximum output size.

DynaStrip Network
As Classic DynaStrip (Compact or Full) but with a "floating licence" where any user on the network can effectively "share" DynaStrip.

DynaStrip Automation
Advanced imposition, combined with page-pairing capabilities for newspaper and magazine printers.

DynaStrip JDF Import
Import JDF files from MIS systems to generate full JDF imposition schemes with marks, colour bars, creep, etc.

DynaStrip Fusion
Advanced imposition, combined with versioning capabilities for printers handing multilingual documents, catalogues and direct marketing campaigns.

DynaStrip Education
Teacher and student versions of DynaStrip for graphic arts schools (please contact us for more information).

So what makes DynaStrip so different?

Easy to set up within your existing prepress infrastructure and even easier to learn, DynaStrip ensures that your prepress team is up and imposing jobs in no time. Full support and training packages are available through our network of resellers or directly from Crisp Digital.

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