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"Thanks so much for all your efforts, they were very much appreciated, you made things very easy and simple for us"
Jim Ditch, The Capital Group

"Your professionalism and support throughout our decision making process won the business, aswell as the great software"
Mark Alderman, B.I.G Group

"Buying DynaStrip is the best thing we ever did"
John Martyn, SP Press

"The combination of Dynagram's DynaStrip JDF imposition application and FujiFilm's Celebra JDF functionality provides the best in automated imposition"
Andy Cook, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Ltd.

"Crisp Digital are NOT box shifters, they're with you all the way"
Rupert Smith, Partner, GH Smith & Son Ltd

"The seamless interoperability between DynaStrip and Dalim Software's innovative solutions increases both choice and value to companies looking for a completely integrated print production environment"
Stéphane Georges, Product Manager, Dalim Software.

"Telephone support was always helpful and readily available"
Geoff Ellis, Manager, British Psychological Society

"DynaStrip's certification offers new choice and flexibility for :ApogeeX 3.0 customers, the JDF standard makes this integration possible and is a direct fulfilment of customer requests"
Lesley Hepditch, Marketing Manager, :ApogeeX, AGFA North America.

"DynaStrip is the imposition software! No other will do!"
Rupert Smith, Partner, GH Smith & Son Ltd

"The integration of DynaStrip in Odystar allows us to offer a completely integrated workflow solution for the commercial print market, with levels of automation and flexibility previously unseen in the industry"
Guido Van der Schueren, Chairman of the Board of Artwork Systems

"These are Helpful people with pride in their product"
Philip Solomon, Managing Director, Lendon Print Ltd

"This excellent imposition application contains state-of-the-art tools for configuring imposition layouts and the intuitive interface is well-liked by our customers' prepress operators"
Simon Brown, European Operations Manager, Compose System (Europe) Ltd

"A lor easier to use than the competion"
John Thorpe, Forest Litho Printers Ltd

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