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JDF Import

DynaStrip JDF Import edition is dedicated to printers equipped with an MIS system and looking for overall JDF connectivity. This advanced JDF input capability is offered as an addition to the existing output module that is well known from DynaStrip customers who already send JDF imposition files to their JDF-enabled RIP or workflow system. The new DynaStrip JDF Import edition now allows these printers to experience end to end JDF integration between processes.

DynaStrip JDF Import features a JDF input module that supports JDF Stripping parameters coming from any MIS or prepress workflow manager, including folding parameters from the JDF Fold Catalog. Many types of JDF workflow scenarios are now supported when importing data from a JDF file, based on a structured analysis of processes and resources described in the file. DynaStrip JDF Import is compliant with CIP4 MIS to Prepress (MISPRE) Interoperability Conformance Specification (ICS). 

Pagination Catalog
In the context of this JDF advancement, a new tool is now available to all printers and prepress professionals: the Pagination Catalog, which eases the signature pagination. Dynagram had the opportunity to collaborate with the CIP4 organisation (International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress) to develop an Application Note that clarifies JDF pagination standards and ensures better communication between the different print processes. With help from the "Origination & Prepress" work group of the CIP4 organisation, Dynagram’s JDF expert Bernard Bastien put together the Pagination Catalog to explain how to paginate single sheet bindery signatures based on the JDF Fold Catalog. This Application Note can be downloaded for free on the CIP4 website here.

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