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FirstPROOF Lite contains a basic set of soft proofing capabilities, allowing users to remotely view either native Harlequin PGBs or TIFF files. The software allows the user to view both the original film/plate pixel data (that gets output), as well as a smaller fit-to-screen view. A navigator window provides an overview of the job being viewed, and allows for fast movement around the image. In addition, one-click controls are provided to rotate, mirror and negate jobs for ease of viewing.

With it's Automatic Refresh capabilities and Job/Page/Separation status reporting, FirstPROOF Lite also provides a means to remotely track the status of jobs on the Harlequin RIP. Users can remotely tell whether a given job, page or separation is being held for Media Saving, waiting to be output, or has been output. This alone provides useful feedback to a user and can save a lot of legwork when waiting for a job to complete.

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