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FirstPROOF Professional is a powerful color accurate pre-press soft-proofing workflow product built on top of FirstPROOF Standard that includes a larger tool set and significant additional features. When added to a Harlequin, Esko-Graphics or any TIFF based RIP it provides a number of extremely sophisticated capabilities.
The Color Management solution in FirstPROOF Pro is a completely new innovative method for generating color accurate soft proofs, which is inexpensive, easy to use and fast; thus removing the need for hard-copy proofs.

The larger tool set provides specialist pre-press tools for further checking of jobs, which greatly reduces errors. In doing so, users of FirstPROOF Pro can detect many more pre-press problems before exposing film, burning plates or worse still printing pages, thus saving valuable time and money.

Among the additional features is the ability to rotate separations (for example when an extra 90 degree rotation has occured), merge separations (such as P Blue CV & P Blue CVC) and the ability to also print.

The following lists some of the key advantages and benefits of using FirstPROOF Professional:
• All the benefits of FirstPROOF Standard
• Color Accurate soft-proofing using an innovative, inexpensive, easy to use and fast method
• A large number of additional tools and features, including (but not limited to):
• A number of Measurement Tools for checking distances, areas, barcodes, screens & densities
• A View Black Tool which clearly shows any screen moire (or lack thereof)
• A Max Ink Limit Tool (TAC) which indicates where a job exceeds a presses ink limit
• A Duplex View Tool which allows for Front to Back registration of pages to be checked
• The ability to rotate (by multiples of 90°) and merge separations (e.g. P Blue CV & P Blue CVC)
• The ability to print a ROOM proof of the separations being viewed to a local printer

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