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FirstPROOF Standard is an entry-level but powerful pre-press soft-proofing workflow product that allows for easy tracking, viewing and checking of ripped jobs prior to output. When added to an existing Harlequin, Esko-Graphics or any TIFF based RIP it provides a sigificant improvement in proofing jobs before output.

The high performance viewing capabilities allow users to efficiently navigate around a job, zooming in and out to check the layout and content. In doing so, users of FirstPROOF Standard can check for basic pre-press issues before exposing film, burning plates or worse still printing pages, thus saving valuable time and money.

Amongst the many features is the ability to search for a given job (by name), see a thumbnail of the pages in a job, see the overall ink coverage of each separation (with either '0%' or '>0%' indicating a blank separation or one with just crop marks and color bars), view either a composite of the pages in a job or each separation in a page, delete jobs or separations that are blank or contain errors and output jobs that contain no errors.

The following lists the key features of FirstPROOF Standard:
• The ability to search multiple RIPs to find a given job
• Displays a thumbnail of each page and reports the Total Area Ink Coverage (TAC) of each separation
• View jobs from remote RIPs (Mac or PC), without stopping output and prior to output (using Held Mode)
• High performance viewing and navigation of either composite pages or individual separations
• The abiltiy to zoom in and out, rotate and mirror the viewed image to check layout and content
• The addition of Grid & Guide Lines that allows for object alignment to be easily checked
• A unique Trap Black Tool that allows the user to easily check black traps
• Supports all standard Harlequin RIP pagebuffer formats, on all Harlequin RIPs from 3.2 upwards
• Supports all standard LEN and TIFF formats (except for JBIG, 2/4/16 bits and YCbCr/CIE-L*a*b* TIFFs)
• The ability to delete separations that are blank (or just contain crop marks and color bars)

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