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The Complete Workflow Management Tool for Automated Online Proofing!

OnTimeProof works seamlessly with your current production workflow and is the only completely automatic remote proofing solution for a wide variety of production workflow solutions, including:
Harlequin based RIPs and Workflows
Heidelberg's DELTA RIP
And many more

OnTimeProof allows your clients to upload their jobs and/or view proofs of the RIP'd pages on the Internet using standard Web Browsers.

Proofs are generated from the actual ripped data. This allows you to process a file once through your production RIP, generate digital colour proofs (for OnTimeProof), hard copy proofs, film or plates all from the same file. No additional processing of data is needed between the proof and the final output, which ensures that the proof you and your clients view on screen reflects the final printed product.


Complete seamless package includes:

• Integrated web server
• Powerful SQL database
• Fast XML based site implementation
• Production RIP / file conversion tools
• Automated file generation & uploading based on job numbers
• Online annotation-collaboration
• Job and page based approval
• Security maintained with login and password requirements
• Plug in design interface for custom look and feel
• Platform independent

Feature Detail:

Automated file uploading based on job numbers. Based on existing job numbering to eliminate production overhead and job errors.

Online annotation and collaboration capabilities. Based on Acrobat with Server implementation means you can provide your customers with real time collaboration but not have to install special software at their site.

Security maintained with login and password requirements. Better than simple email attachments or FTP access where mistakes are easy (and common).

Built in Web Server and database provide an easy to install, self-configuring, solution that can run on in-expensive, basic machines.

Platform independent. Runs on Windows NT, 2000 (pro or Server), XP, Unix or Mac OS X and can run independently of the host workflow or RIP.

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