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DigiPage can best be thought of as a digital film, or digital plate file format. That is because when Postscript, PDF or other files are processed through DigiPage, they are separated, trapped (if desired) and halftone screened at full Platesetter resolution, and saved as Dot-Locked DigiPage files to disk.

Each DigiPage file locks down the actual traps and halftone dots that will ultimately be imaged onto film or plate. In addition, DigiPage generates proofer resolution sub-sampled copies of each high resolution separation, and composites these together into a proofer-ready CMYK image. This image is then embedded as a printable element into the DigiPage file along with the high resolution separations. Since the colour proof image is derived directly from the halftone dots of the plate separations, the result is complete digital integrity.

Once you partner DigiPage with DynaStrip Automation you have a very simple yet very fast and powerful solution for outputting plates as soon as individual pages are RIPped and the plates filled.

DynaStrip AUTOMATION combines the superior imposition capabilities true to classic DynaStrip with specialised page-pairing tools to enable newspaper and magazine printers to efficiently manage and impose document files that arrive in different orders and at different times.

You can create up to 200 hot-folder-based impositions to maximise the number of the jobs you can process at any given moment.

Click here for an example workflow.

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