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Proofstream Lite

Proofstream Lite takes control and centralises all your customers proofing needs by automating those tiresome emails and sending of PDF'S to your client every time there is a change required or made.........Automatically: 24/7.

Proofstream Lite keeps your client updated on the progress of their job through every stage of the Approval stages through to print - no more phone calls taking up time and money to explain. Proofstream does it all for you: Automatically: 24/7.

Your office hours don't restrict the progress of the job, where ever in the world it's destined!

There are NO Click charges so your creativity isn't limited or charged for. Make as many changes to a job that's required with no hidden or extra costs to worry about. You are in control.

Requesting page Corrections, Rejection and Approval can all be carried out with emails automatically sent to the nominated users notifying them of exactly what and where it is required, throughout the Approval cycle.

With it's built in integration available to virtually any propriety PDF products (Distiller, Pitstop server, One Vision, what ever you use or require*) it will automatically fix PDF problems and report back any issues that are found and fixed without the need for manual intervention. Let customers upload their own jobs, any problems will be automatically fixed, Colour managed, converted: Whatever your PDF Tools allow. Once Approved all you have to do is send it to your Printer or Press room.

How much time will this save your Designers or Pre-Press Department?

New data can be uploaded such as images and text changes and be tagged to the specific page that it is required on. No need for your client to access another Website or FTP server. It's ALL managed within the job so NOTHING is lost or misunderstood.

As with all versions of Proofstream, it will integrate with your existing Pre Press Workflow from most major manufactures displaying rendered data***. Or it can work as a Standalone workflow using it's own built in rendering: Your client views and Approves the rendered Hi Res file in real time, not an interpretation. What you see is what you get.

Create automated Workflows for individual client tasks such as Inkjet Proofing, different types of file Exports.

Unlimited Clients and Users can be assigned with a maximum of 10 Concurrent Users being able to log in at anytime.**

At the end of the job, export all the job information as a Spreadsheet for that all important invoice. The database doesn't lie, if it happened, it knows who and when made it so. Get paid for the work that you have done for your client with NO disputes! The Database NEVER forgets!

* purchased separately.
** Option available to increase this in blocks of 10 users.
*** Agfa :ApogeeX, Screen Truflow, Fuji XMF, Any Harlequin (Raster PDF Option Required), Xitron Elite, Barco, CGS-Oris Normaliser, ArtQuest & More.

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