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Device Link Pro


ICC DeviceLink profiles can be used with most professional workflow RIPs, including (but not limited to) (Note: always check compatibility with your RIP manufacturer):

Workflow Products
• Agfa Apogee X
• Artpro Systems Nexus
Enfocus PitStop Pro
Enfocus PitStop Server
• FujiFilm / FFEI XMF
• Kodak Brisque
• Kodak Prinergy
Harlequin ColorPro (HIPP module)
• Heidelberg Prinect
• Helios Ethershare OPI
• Rampage (Ramproof Proofing Module)
• Screen (TrueFlow)
TGLC PerfX Color Server, Color Server TIFF/IT, Color Server TIFF
• Xinet Full Press

Dot Proofing Systems
• Creo Spectrum/Trendsetter
• Fuji FinalProof
• Kodak Approval
• Creo Iris

Inkjet RIPs
• Scanvec Ambiable Photoprint SE, DX, Server, Server Pro
• Onyx Postershop
• Wasatch
• Oris Colortuner RIP
• Xitron RIP (Harlequin)
• ColorBurst Pre-Press RIP
• EFI ColorProof XF
• Color Gate RIP
• Kodak matchprint Digital GT
• Dice America Cheetah 2000 RIP/Server

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